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TPM 3 – Ljubljana

On the 18th and 19th of July, the partners of the HIATUS project gathered for the eagerly anticipated third transnational project meeting. Throughout the two-day meeting, an atmosphere of excitement and purposeful collaboration pervaded the gathering. The partners, representing various educational institutions, research organizations, and stakeholders, collectively reviewed and celebrated the progress made in the […]

2nd LTTA Online 

Recap: Successful Completion of the 2nd LTTA – Co-designing Educational Path Based on School Contexts We are delighted to share the successful completion of the 2nd LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity) titled “Co-design of educational path according to the school addresses.” This LTTA aimed to collaborate with teachers in co-designing the STD (Service Design […]

1st LTTA in Skopje

Recap: Successful Completion of the First LTTA – Training on Service Design Thinking We are thrilled to share that the first LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity) has concluded on a high note. This joint training activity, titled “Training on Service Design Thinking,” spanned three days and encompassed several key objectives.  Let’s take a look […]

Multiplier events

Recap: Successful Completion of Multiplier Events! We are thrilled to announce the successful realization of five Multiplier events held in Italy, North Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, and Slovenia. These events served as key platforms for promoting and disseminating our project, bringing together stakeholders and participants from various countries. Let’s take a look at the highlights of […]

e-learning platform 

Successful Creation of the E-Learning Platform! We are delighted to announce the successful creation of our e-learning platform—an open-source online environment designed for our partners and beneficiaries. This platform serves as a collaborative space where ideas, knowledge, and innovative solutions are shared, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to achieving our project’s goals. Let’s explore the […]


Recap of the Successful 2nd TPM in Rome! We are delighted to share that the 2nd TPM (Transnational Project Meeting) took place on the 20th and 21th July 2022 in the enchanting city of Rome. This event served as a significant checkpoint, allowing us to evaluate the progress made in our project activities. It provided […]