Recap of the Successful 2nd TPM in Rome!

We are delighted to share that the 2nd TPM (Transnational Project Meeting) took place on the 20th and 21th July 2022 in the enchanting city of Rome. This event served as a significant checkpoint, allowing us to evaluate the progress made in our project activities. It provided an excellent opportunity for all our esteemed partners to share updates on the platform’s creation and the exploratory research conducted.

During the event, the EKN partner, responsible for PR 1, presented a draft of the platform. This draft focused on the crucial aspects required for subsequent phases of the project, such as training, co-designing the teaching model, and conducting experiments in schools. The presentation offered valuable insights into the platform’s functionality and its potential for future development.

Simultaneously, we are thrilled to announce that the part of the platform serving as the project site was released and made available online. This project site serves as a hub for communication and the dissemination of planned project activities. It provides a valuable resource for staying updated on the project’s progress and engaging with its initiatives.

The 2nd TPM in Rome was a resounding success, bringing together passionate individuals to celebrate achievements, share knowledge, and propel our project towards success. We extend our gratitude to all the participants and look forward to future milestones. 

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our journey together!

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