1st LTTA in Skopje

Recap: Successful Completion of the First LTTA – Training on Service Design Thinking

We are thrilled to share that the first LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity) has concluded on a high note. This joint training activity, titled “Training on Service Design Thinking,” spanned three days and encompassed several key objectives. 

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this fruitful event:

The primary goals of the first LTTA were to define the teaching model based on Service Design Thinking and establish the minimum common criteria necessary for the adaptation of the didactic model across the different countries within the partnership. Collaborative training activities were conducted between the partnership and teachers to prepare for the second LTTA.

The event culminated in a briefing session among the partnership members. This session aimed to discuss the emerging elements that would be instrumental in the micro-design of PR2 – E-learning Course of the Hiatus Service Design Thinking Model. We reviewed any additions made to the collection materials and shared the agreed-upon monitoring and support modalities between the first and second LTTAs, as defined by the partnership and the teachers. Additionally, the partnership solidified the modalities for updating and outlined a first draft of the micro-design for the upcoming second LTTA.

The successful completion of the first LTTA marks a significant step forward in our collaborative journey. We extend our appreciation to all the partners and teachers who actively participated in this enriching training activity. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance our objectives and prepare for the subsequent LTTAs.

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